Collaborative Action for Impact

Partnering for Change

Food waste is an opportunity. How can we come together to unlock this opportunity and experience the numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits. In addition to our advisory and technical solutions, we actively engage in advocacy. We facilitate access to knowledge, encourage knowledge sharing between stakeholders, and engage individuals in community-based campaigns. 

Advocacy is an important part of our work. We believe that real sustainable change requires ongoing conversation as well as a culture of taking action. By providing access to relevant resources we empower individuals, organisations, and businesses to find innovative ways to contribute and make an impact. Regardless of your goal, whether it is to reduce carbon emissions, adopt best practices, or reduce your food waste footprint, we have relevant resources and conversations below. 


Make a Difference

We are building a community of advocates to raise awareness of the bahaviours responsible for food waste. Volunteer to become an i'm Perfect Food Ambassador. Ambassadors coordinate and run food waste awareness campaigns in local communities.  We also work with volunteers to bring our food products to workplace cafeterias and shops. All volunteers receive training and support 

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