Reducing food waste. Achieving sustainability.


We innovatively and responsibly reduce food waste

Good food is going to waste in the UK.  A total of 9 billion pounds of avoidable food waste goes to landfill each year. Adopting sustainable practices can recover costs, reduce carbon emissions, and increase the overall security of our local food systems. But in order to experience these benefits, we need to act now. 

At i'mPerfect we help businesses and organisations find smart ways to become more resource efficient and profitable. We partner with diverse stakeholders to raise awareness of food waste behaviours and to reduce food waste footprints. Through our range of food products, we put ugly fruits and vegetables to good use and invest back into local communities.

Our food system is complex, making it more sustainable doesn't have to be so. Through our consultancy, advocacy, and product development, we provide solutions for enhanced societal, environmental, and economic benefit. See what we can do together. 




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Social Mission

Food connects us. The quality of those connections can mean the difference between vulnerability and resilience; between building walls and building bridges. Food can also disconnect us. Waste creates walls. Limited access to nutritious food options creates walls. Food insecurity creates walls. These experiences of disconnection have wide ranging consequences for families and local communities. Each year, more families become food insecure and turn to emergency food services to get by. In order to reverse this trend society needs to invest in a resilient food future. We need to build bridges; pathways that empower families and help communities to become more resilient. Food is our tool. At i'mPerfect, we value food as a bridge to inclusion, health and wellness, and shared prosperity. We help build resilient food communuties and increase food security through the reduction of food waste.

Each year, we will work to eliminate 7.5 tonnes of food waste from the food value chain through our work with clients in the hospitality, food retail and public sectors. This is roughly equivalent to restoring10,500 meals to the dinner table each year. We will reinvest our profits into local communities. Each year we will aim to work with 50 or more families to end their reliance on emergency food services and assist them to become food secure. 

Services & Products


We develop solutions for the hospitality sector, which reduce the cost of food waste and increase profit margins. Our advisory services and technical solutions include change management and best practices. 

2017 Food Waste Study

Food waste costs the UK £19 billion each year. How much does it cost your business? Join our food waste study and find out. 

FOOD Retail Sector

We work with food retailers to identify and address food waste in their value chain. Our services provide a detailed analysis of the total cost of food waste and offer strategies to achieve greater sustainability. 

I'm Perfect Food products

A range of sweet and savory food products made from wonky fruits and vegetables. 


We create policies and practices to increase resource efficiency of food value chains in the public sector. Our advisory and technical solutions aid public bodies in their efforts to bemore sustainable. 


We are raising awareness of food waste and partnering with stakeholders to change what causes it. 


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